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All the details you could possibly want and more about our drumsticks:




Since the BALBEX company was established in 1997, it is concerned primarily with quality. This quality is evident in all aspects of drumstick production from choice of wood, elaboration, drying, turning, a wide product portfolio and last but not least, respect in dealing with our customers.



Balbex use only the best quality materials in the production of our drumsticks. Our drumsticks are made using either American hickory that is imported from the USA or domestic Hornbeam that is lumbered in selected locations in Europe. Both of these materials are delivered to us by experienced suppliers that we have co-operated with for a long time. They know exactly the grade of materials that are necessary to ensure the high quality and long lifetime that Balbex demand for our products.


Drying Process

When manufacturing drumsticks, we pay exceptional attention to the strength of the material. The first precondition for obtaining appropriate material from the raw wood cut is a good drying process. Therefore we have developed a special drying process which ensures that all materials we use retain their quality, do not crack, and are resistant to any other deformations, such as bending. The dried out material, ready for manufacture, is stored in storage facilities providing a stable temperature and a very low humidity environment.

Turning Process

Another important step of the manufacturing process is

the turning. The drumsticks are machined on special lathes developed especially for the manufacture of drumsticks. Such lathes guarantee a high level of quality and machining accuracy, and as a result of these machines, Balbex are considered experts in the manufacture of drumsticks.


Guaranteed Weight

From 1st January 2011, Balbex introduced a weight guarantee for our drumsticks within a model range. Every model of hickory drumsticks has a specified weight that was determined by the Balbex team together with our consultants and company musicians. The weight of each model will deviate by a maximum of plus or minus 2 grams. This means that whenever and wherever you are as a drummer, you can be confident that when you buy your favourite Balbex drumsticks model, they are the same weight as the ones you bought the last time.



We apply our two-layer double finish (DF) on the turned out drumsticks. The finish was developed based on environmentally friendly materials and processes. The purpose of the two layer finish is firstly to strengthen the material from which the sticks have been manufactured, and secondly to treat the sticks with a finish that reduces the risk of them slipping out of your hand.


Balbex technology and processes guarantee that your drumsticks have been manufactured with world class quality and to the highest possible accuracy specifications.

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